JCLS | Journal of Computational Literary Studies

The Journal of Computational Literary Studies (JCLS) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to all aspects of computational approaches to Literary Studies. JCLS responds to the increasing differentiation of subfields within the Digital Humanities, an ongoing process in which Computational Literary Studies has already gained considerable maturity and visibility.
JCLS provides a publishing platform for work on the development, the application, and the critique of computational approaches to Literary Studies. The journal seeks to expand the spectrum of computational methods for the analysis of literary texts and their (cultural, social, historical, performative) contexts with innovative methods appropriate to the subject. It provides a forum to address issues such as building literary corpora, identifying peculiarities of literary texts, domain adaptation of methods, operationalization of concepts, annotation of texts, evaluation of measures, interpretability and transparency of results, and reproducibility of research. JCLS also acknowledges the debatability of the core concepts of Computational Literary Studies, computationality and literarity, and encourages submissions addressing these from historical, cultural and other perspectives.

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Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2023 • CCLS 2023

Issue containing articles first presented at the Second Annual Conference of Computational Literary Studies at W├╝rzburg University in June 2023.